Hardsoul - Back Together

Once in a while a record will come along that truly stands the test of time and Hardsoul’s ‘Back Together’ undeniably falls into this category. The unmistakable vocals of Ron Carroll that power through this tale of heartbreak and redemption along with the Dutch duo’s impeccable production make it an essential for any collector who likes their house music with a big dose of soul. Originally released in 2003 on Soulfuric, now the label has compiled a new remix package of brand new mixes. Australian disco maestro Dr Packer lends an irresistibly deep bassline and soft keys to the classic track, while Italian master-remixer Moplen delivers an uplifting disco version of the original. ‘Back Together’ is still a record box essential, but these two mixes give it an update for 2019 dancefloors that only solidify its longevity further.

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